COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 44023.32

Combating boredom.

Still quiet here in Denver. The heat wave, normal for this time of year, has kept me in the shade and slurping lots of water. The poor dogs don’t want to stay outside for more than 15 minutes, preferring instead to lay on the couch in the nice cool air conditioning.

Been catching up on yard work. Keeping the flowers watered. Don’t want no dead flowers decorating the yard.

Happy thought inventory.

Off to the mountains tomorrow. The moose are waiting for me to take their photo.

Slacker status.

Made the run to Petsmart yesterday to pick up some dog treats. I don’t care for them but the dogs would gnaw my arm off for one. As normal, I get behind some old fart slacker at the checkout who wasn’t wearing a mask. Didn’t say anything but I kept a good 10 feet from the dullard. Everyone else in the store seemed to be in tune with reality. I sent an email to Petsmart corporate explaining why I won’t be shopping there in the future since they refuse to enforce the “wear a mask” ordinance in place by the city and county. I can buy dog treats on the internet, which I think I’ll start doing. I’m not going to risk my families health over dog treats.

No first-responder activity to report.

The hunkering down continues.

Still alive and well here in Denver.