COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 43993.27

Combating boredom. We have a new collection of juvenile house finches fluttering about the yard. The finches have been nesting in the shrubs along the perimeter and I’ve noticed at least two broods chirping away. I’m sure there are others. The youngsters are finding their wings but not venturing too far from the nest. A brave youngster flew through the covered area of the deck yesterday at break-neck speed. I first thought it a moth, but it landed on the lilac bushes and then darted across the yard to the choke cherry tree.

Making more progress on the deck refinishing. As previously noted, I’ve started on the prep work for zone 2. We have a bench seat near the hot tub and I’ve had to do a little carpentry work on it to repair the years of wear and tear. This may be the last recoating of this area as the proximity to the hot tub and lots of water has eroded the wood a bit more than the other areas. No problem though. I have a good sander and plenty of grease left in my elbow, so I’ll have it looking spiffy by the time I’m done.

Also managed to cut the grass yesterday, at least in the back yard. I always get a chuckle when I mow the grass. Our front yard isn’t that big, about the same size as the other front yards in the neighborhood. The back yard is a different story. We have about a third of an acre on the east side of the house and I’ve been using a riding mower to cut the grass for years. It still humors me to mow the front with the riding mower, as it looks a bit pathetic to use a lawn tractor to cut that part of the lawn. I have it down to a fine art though. When folks visit for the first time, they wonder why I’m so lazy as to use a riding mower to cut an area not much larger than a typical living room. When they see the back yard, it’s normally “WOW, didn’t know you had this much yard, I can see why you use a riding mower.” Same thing every year though. The real trick is to set the blades high enough to prevent chopping off the top of the sprinkler heads. On occasion one of the heads will stick in the up position so I have to keep an eye out for those when I cut the grass. I haven’t killed one in a few years.

On another subject, I’ve run into a small problem with the COVID-19 Hunker-down log master page. I’ve been creating the daily posts, which have been quite popular but I’ve also been updating a master document with each daily entry. The whole log document is now over 25,000 words, enough for a small book, and WordPress won’t let me make it larger. The solution is to remove the master document from the blog and to keep it offline where I can edit it with a word processor. If you’ve noticed the missing menu item for the master log, that’s what’s going on.

Happy thought inventory. Once I get zone 2 of the deck done, I’m packing my bags and heading to Red Feathers for a few days of photography and mountain air. All this hunkering down has taken a toll on my mental outlook and I need to get out into nature and get my mind right. The time is rapidly approaching too. I won’t be full tilt into moose until July but I know of plenty places I’ve been wanting to explore in Mooseville and I’m 100% sure I’ll be finding critters in different locations throughout the Laramie Mountains of Colorado.

Supply status. No worries

Weed inventory. Plenty.

Laundry status. Only a couple of loads left to finish.

No first-responder activity to report.

The hunkering down continues.

Still alive and well here in Denver.