COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 43988.77

Combating boredom. High winds and rain have kept me inside most of the day. I welcome the relief from the heat but I don’t relish the thought of having to clean up the debris scattered around the yard. Not too severe though.

Spent way too much time watching the television this fine Saturday. As much as I’d like to ignore it, the news was watched and I’m simply embarrassed to be an American right now. All of this current turmoil in society has exposed the ugly truth about our country. A country my descendants fought to establish and protect, one I and many friends served. Americans look ugly to the world and have for a long time. I have always tried and will continue to try to be a good man, true to the concept this country was founded on. That all men are created equal.

Happy thought inventory. I’m finally done with the batch of chili I made a couple of days ago. I can now eat something else without regret of having wasted anything.

Supply status. No worries

Weed inventory. Plenty.

Laundry status. Still too lazy.

No first-responder activity to report.

The hunkering down continues.

Still alive and well here in Denver.