COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 43984.31

House Finch drinking from a bird bath

Combating boredom. A friend once described Colorado weather to me as “There are two seasons in Colorado. Winter and 4th of July” Well, the past few days have been typical of early July weather with temperatures rising into the mid-90’s and forecasts for the next few days indicate no immediate relief from the heat. I’ve been watering the plants frequently and the dogs go through a bowl of water about as quickly as I can fill it. One gets used to the extremes in Colorado weather but gee wiz, why can’t it be like Hawaii and just stay 75 degrees every day with regular showers?

My wife is taking her mother to the cabin later today. They’ll probably be staying there for the remainder of the week. I’ll stay home with the dogs and return to working on the deck.

Wishful thinking abounds.

Actually, things have been relatively enjoyable here in hunker-down town despite the turmoil that is continuously splattered across the television screen. I don’t really pay too much attention to the 24 hour news coverage of the riots and pandemic and all that stuff but it can’t be totally avoided. It’s distressing to contemplate all this stuff and I’ve been able to keep it at arms length and keep my brain focused on the things that matter in our lives.

I’ve been watching Netflix the past week. I haven’t paid much attention to what Netflix has in the way of programming, but I have found a few entertaining diversions there recently. The current binge is a show called Space Force. A comical take on the Government’s creation of the new Space Force branch of the military. When I was younger, I was really interested in space exploration but as I’ve aged I’ve determined that for the most part all it accomplishes is launching garbage into orbit on the premise that space exploration is going to help mankind. These days, I mostly look at it as an expensive way of littering.

Happy thought inventory. Fresh coffee. Birds chirping. Dogs playing. Fairly simple stuff.

Supply status. Supplies replenished. I think most of the fresh stock is headed to the cabin later today.

Weed inventory. Excellent condition.

Laundry status. Just about ready to do a load of laundry. The way I’ve been procrastinating lately, I’ll probably get to it by this weekend.

No first-responder activity to report.

The hunkering down continues.

Still alive and well here in Denver.