COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 43970.69

Combating boredom. We went to Creekside nursery yesterday and purchased a butt-load of flowers to transplant into the garden pots. Same thing every year. We have the decorative flowers, which are the ones we get at the nursery for the planters and to fill in spots in the bee garden. Now the bee garden is mostly perennials that have been growing for years and all we do is weed and feed. By mid-summer, the bumble bees will have taken it over and it’s quite the sight.

Finished up 5 of these big honker planters (today’s photograph) and have them spaced around the deck. They are already attracting bees. The nursery we buy from doesn’t use pesticides on their home grown greenhouse plants, so we aren’t contributing to the demise of the honey bee species, or any other species for that matter.

We are making progress and it has been keeping us occupired.

Happy thought inventory. Been hanging out on the deck, taking naps, grilling on the grill, but one thing I haven’t done today and didn’t do for most of yesterday, is turn the television on. I try to listen to music when I’m in the office working on images or business stuff, but I haven’t even been listening to much music lately either. Most of my music collection is old stuff, I think the last new album I bought was Roger Waters (Old guy from Pink Floyd) and that was a while back. Mom likes to watch America’s Got Talent and from time to time, I catch a few minutes of that as I’m walking around the house. Most of the singers sound pretty much the same, but every now and again I’ll hear something worth stopping and listening too.

I like music. That’s today’s happy thought. I like music, but I don’t like just any music.

Supply status. Excellent condition.

Weed inventory. Excellent condition

Laundry status. Excellent condition.

No first-responder activity to report.

The hunkering down continues.

Still alive and well here in Denver.