COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 43967.28

Combating boredom. A nice steady rain on Friday was a welcome relief from the dry conditions that have been upon us for the past few weeks. We spent much of the day sitting on the deck and playing with the video functions of our iPhones and laughing at the resulting goofy videos we were making. I may find use for some of it in a future, longer video compilation of the hunkering down days.

I’ve added some extra chum to the garden. A humming bird, breed unknown at this time, has been frequenting the garden the past few days. Trudy picked up a humming bird feeder and I’ve mounted it on an elevated plant holder in the garden. It hasn’t returned to examine it, but I’m certain it will and I’ll be ready when it does. Nothing more intriguing than photos of a humming bird at a back yard feeder. These are the things photographers do when they aren’t out bushwhacking through the mountains, looking for wild and exotic beasts to capture in photos.

I ordered a new back-lit computer keyboard. The light in my office isn’t bright, as I like a low key ambiance to the room when I’m editing photos. The problem is that the lettering on my old keyboard is beginning to wear off. Now, I learned to type in high school, a skill that has served me well throughout my life, but I don’t have the muscle memory to type like a fortune 500 executive assistant. On a good day, I can rip out about 40 words per minute. On a bad day, I can’t see the keyboard and have to brighten up the room in order to make sure of what’s going on with the plastic input device. The new keyboard should arrive next week and I’m sure I’ll be placing it into service shortly after tearing it from it’s shipping box. I paid more for the shipping than the actual keyboard costs. I’m a cheap-skate. When this one fizzles out, I’ll buy another cheap piece of plastic junk to wear to a nub.

Happy thought inventory. For a few moments this morning I was in distress. Upon powering up my Nikon D500, I was getting a “memory card” alert telling me that my SD card was defective. It’s a fairly new Sandisk 128 gb extreme pro card, so I was quite displeased with the idea of losing one of my main line chips. I took the card to the office to see if I could recover any lost images and low and behold, it turned out to be the write protect tab in the wrong position. I was able to format the card and test it out. It’s fine. I don’t have to order replacements, I didn’t lose any photographs and my hair stopped falling out immediately. Today’s happy thought, I’m not going to lose all of my hair this week after all. It will continue to slowly disintegrate at a normal old man’s pace, which in my case means it will be gone by the end of the year anyway.

Supply status. Freshly restocked.

Weed inventory. Freshly restocked. Good stuff man.

Laundry status. No worries.

No first-responder activity to report.

The hunkering down continues.

Still alive and well here in Denver.