COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 43948.30

Combating boredom. My 2020 bird photographic catalog is growing rapidly. Almost to the point that I’ll have to begin breaking it up into smaller catalogs. Lightroom doesn’t do well with catalogs of 10,000 or so images and now I’m up to 8,500 images. The first order of business will be to start culling the images down to what is really usable. This action will give me a more reasonable photo count, but seeing how this hunkering down is probably going to be going on for a while, the problem will continue until I find a more efficient method of collecting far too many photographs. I’m a photographic pack rat. Maybe break it up by bird species or by month.

Minor household repairs are beginning to surface. Since I’m not driving to home depot to get sick and die, we’ve ordered a new kitchen ceiling light fixture and kitchen sink faucet for home delivery. I’ll have a couple of days to effect these repairs, which of course will help combat the boredom.

As I sit on the back porch with my photographic arsenal at my disposal, I’ve been looking around the yard for more abstract photos I can use for the journal. It takes a while to get into a full abstract frame of mind though. I’m kinda center brained, meaning I can work logically or abstractly about equally well, but it’s not like there’s a button I can push that will switch modes. It requires a little time living on the other side of the fence before my mojo gets going.

Happy thought inventory. Trying to keep my mind off of the ever growing dilapidation of the social state we are living in at the moment. It’s all bigger than we are, so best to focus on the things that you can control and put the things you can’t control out of your windshield. When something needs addressing, it will make itself apparent. Overall, assessing our situation here in Denver, we have it better than most folks I suppose. Money isn’t a problem, we have plenty of food and stuff, everyone’s health is as good as it’s going to be for now. What more could we expect? We’re prepared to ride it out for however long it takes.

Self assurance is a good thing. Rationalization is even better.

Supply status. We be good.

Weed inventory. We be good.

Laundry status. We be good.

No first-responder activity to report.

The hunkering down continues.

Still alive and well here in Denver.