COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 43932.36

Combating boredom. I’ve been slowly grabbing video bits from our lively back yard. The critters aren’t overly concerned with the current state of human affairs, but they have been loosening up a bit with how close and how long they’ll tolerate our presence in what they think is their world. I’ve been setting up a tripod with the iPhone mounted on it, next to the bird bath. I have a remote trigger for turning the recording on/off. It’s kinda like fishing. Wait for the birds to start appearing at the bird bath and just hit the button when there is action. I’m looking to expanding this to using the Nikon D500, but I’ve found the native applications from Nikon leave a lot to be desired. Still researching my options and once I get a good handle on it, I’ll probably be purchasing some additional hardware to broaden my ability in this regard. Today’s pic is a 4k video I grabbed yesterday that illustrates the concept. iPhone 4k video at 60p isn’t too bad at all for what I’m doing.

As expected, the iPads we ordered weren’t delivered yesterday. I thought the one day delivery was a little optimistic. Late in the day, Apple sent me an email telling me they would be here on Monday. With everything that’s going on in the world, it wouldn’t surprise or disappoint me if it took even longer than that. Supply chains are fairly disrupted at the moment.

Strange awkward moments walking the dogs yesterday. The Governor of Colorado has asked that everyone going out in public wear a protective mask. Trudy and I have ours, home made from flour sack towels, held on with scrunchies. Functional but not very stylish. We wear them when we leave the property. While out on the normal neighborhood route, we encountered a few people getting their outside time in. Nobody was wearing a mask (except us.) Not like we were bumping in to each other though, everyone was keeping to their side of the street. The others would look at us, notice our masks and then turn their heads away as if to acknowledge they weren’t taking the mask thing very seriously. I’d just wave and say hello. It’s not my job to explain staying alive to others. But, this does highlight a fairly common behavioral pattern I’ve been seeing on my brief outings into areas where other people will be found. A lot of people aren’t really taking this seriously. Not just in the neighborhood but everywhere. We’re old, not in the best possible health and I’m not going to blow off the fact that we aren’t even half way in to this pandemic and the truth is if the virus hasn’t hit you yet, you can still get it later. It’s not going anywhere. It’s just looking for another person to leap to from the one it’s in. Until herd immunity levels are at the point where the virus can’t sustain growth, nobody is safe from catching it or transmitting it. Let your guard down once and you could die. On the surface that all sounds a little melodramatic, but the fact is close to 19,000 people in the country have died and a half million and growing have already contracted the virus. Right now, if you contract the virus, there’s a 3.7% chance that you won’t survive it. Place one hundred M&M’s in a bowl and offer them to somebody. Tell them they can have all they like but 4 of those M&M’s will kill you if you eat them. Help yourself, but choose carefully.

I’ll pass on the M&M’s.

Household supplies. We’re doing well here. About half way through our buffer, we’ll make another supply run sometime next week. Wearing our masks.

Weed inventory. Still holding strong. Made a good dent in it this past week, but there’s plenty left to satiate our desire to make the most of it while we sit sequestered in our little boat, bobbing around in the bay of life.

Happy thought inventory. Happy thoughts revolve mostly around thinking about the better days ahead. There will be better days, I’m sure of it. Right now we’re at sea and can’t get off the ship. Learn to sail and you can get through it. Until those better days arrive, best not to fuck up.

The hunkering down continues, extra hunkering is in effect.

Still alive and well here in Denver.