COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 43931.31

Combating boredom. Continuing with the back porch activity while the weather holds up. I’ve started capturing 4k video clips of life in the back yard. Once I have enough material, I’ll probably start producing short videos to append to my daily journal of the American nightmare.

Trudy and I ordered replacement iPads yesterday. They should be here today. We bought our old iPads back in 2013 and they are stuck at 16 gigs of memory with batteries that are failing. We ordered his and her basic 128 gig models with cases and also grabbed an AV adapter so we can connect them to a HD Television, which should come in handy once we get the cabin in Red Feathers opened. Lots of streaming options to choose from, best to have the hardware that will take advantage of it.

Laundry. All caught up. I smell clean and fresh and the food stains on my sweatshirts are now hardly noticable.

Toilet paper / paper towel inventory. Still hanging in there. We know though, at some point we’ll have to get more. Probably on our next supply run next week, if there is anything on the shelves.

Weed inventory. Normal draw-down rate. It helps with the anxiety and boredom and general body aches of a more sequestered lifestyle. Not like we’re laying around stoned all the time though. Mostly used at night after dinner to erase the memories of having to listen to Donald Trump saying stupid shit. Marijuana may be a cure for political bullshit.

Happy thought inventory. Today’s happy thought is knowing that everyone in my family is as healthy as they can be with no reports of infection by this virus. It’s drawn us together as a family, even if we can’t visit each other in person. The occasional phone pinging tweet-fests on group messaging provide a welcome reminder that we all love and care about one another.

The hunkering down continues, extra hunkering is in effect.

Still alive and well here in Denver.