COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 43928.23

Combating boredom. Recharged the camera battery.

Dog poop. The scooping continues. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. I would add that our dogs are quite cooperative about the matter, depositing their excrement in the same general area of the yard most of the time. Makes scooping much easier, but, we still have to patrol the others parts of the yard in case they forget where the official poop zone is.

Laundry. Fresh sweats. I’ll smell like fabric softener for a brief period of time.

Toilet paper/paper towel inventory. Normal consumption rates have resumed.

Camera battery. See the “combating boredom” entry above.

Good news inventory. Lots of reports in the press of the “curve” beginning to flatten. I’m guessing there will be additional reports of “spikes” in the curve after everyone clamors for reducing restrictions to travel and group gatherings. Here’s my take. If one hasn’t contracted the virus by this time, they could end up being a data point in one of the future “spikes” when one ignorantly thinks that they’ve done enough hunkering and decide to go expose themselves, their family and their neighbors to another round of disease and death. There’s still no known cure for the disease and politicians aren’t going to give us meaningful or useful advice based on their own distorted reality of trying to keep corporate profits at a maximum while implementing spin mitigation in the press. The virus could care less how stupid we are. Sorry, had to throw in my soapbox on that one, but hey… stupid is as stupid does. Don’t let a stupid person convince you to be stupid too. That would qualify you as a stupid person.

Enjoying the benefit of having a hot-tub. It’s our little oasis of tropical pleasure and relaxation. And it gives us an additional 10 square feet to roam in the yard. All the better for hunkering down.

The hunkering down continues, extra hunkering is in effect.

Still alive and well here in Denver.