COVID-19 Hunker-down Log. Stardate 43919.37

The snow has moved through. Yesterday was a sunny day, a bit on the chilly side with temperatures hovering around 50 degrees mid-day. Lots of porch time, lots of coffee.

Combating boredom. I spent part of the day working out how I want to continue writing this log file. I’ve decided to move the publishing platform to my WordPress blog rather than Facebook. By doing so, I am exposing the log to a much wider audience. If that’s good or bad I have no idea, I’ll eventually find out.

Good news inventory. It’s getting worse, not better I’m afraid. New York and the Northeast US is getting hit pretty hard right now. In the most densely populated areas, the virus is spreading rapidly. We still have a dozen or so remote counties here in Colorado that are not reporting infections or deaths. I wonder how long that will last. I’ve read that the number of infections across the country is roughly doubling every 3 days. I’ve also noticed that the death rate is creeping up to what is presently about 1.73% of infections. I read that it’s expected to level out at about 3%. That means for every 100 people infected, 3 will not make it. I’ll avoid further speculation, but until there are enough medical supplies in the right places and until there is a viable inoculation in place, it will continue to get worse. Since neither are in place at the moment, it’s like being in a Tsunami that is going to cover the world. What’s going to save you from it is your life raft. Trudy and I have the best life raft we can afford and so long as we stick to the game plan, we’ll ride it out.

Dog poop scooping. The snow is melted so we’re looking good.

Weed inventory. 72 day supply. We’re pretty much at a normal consumption rate here. Sitting around stoned all the time isn’t as entertaining as it was as a younger man. It’s not so much of an escape as it is a calming effect and I think we’ve found our “calm zone.”

Toilet paper/paper towel inventory. Plenty on hand. There’s a dark humor to this public rush to hoard supplies. I mean, c’mon, how many times a day does the average person have to wipe their butt?

Camera battery. 93%. I’m still keeping the camera on the kitchen table and at the ready. The real decision is what type of photos to take in order to document this. I’m still working on that.

Laundry status. Not accumulating at a rapid pace. Sweats are good for about 3-4 days. We’re saving a little money on laundry soap, that much is certain.

Still no word from Kentucky on the family member suspected of contracting the virus. The family member suffering from illness is self-quarantined and fighting through it, waiting patiently for the test results. If it takes this long to get an answer, it’s not a good situation. That means that testing is far behind the curve on this.

First-responder activity. Yep, we had a first responder event yesterday. Not virus related though. We were visited by a Denver police officer investigating a report of an explosion in a nearby neighborhood. While watching television yesterday afternoon, what sounded like an aerial bomb went off within a quarter of a mile from the house. It turns out to be a bunch of mindless kids having a party at their home while the parents were away and setting off a fireworks mortar round in the yard for shits and grins. Like, nobody would notice that. It scared the hell out of Trudy, the dogs and our neighbor. My guess is the kids are joking about it today, something to the effect of the humor of frightening old ladies and being too loud. Anyone with any sense knows that frightening old ladies isn’t normally going to win you any brownie points with the police or your neighbors. No injuries reported.

The unintended side effect of the police visit was we let someone into the house. We’ve enacted a protocol here that simply stated means, nobody comes in the house. We have a 93 year old and two other people over the age of 60 living here, so we are at higher risk of disaster if the virus makes it through the door. The cop was pretty good though, we all kept a little distance from each other and we wiped down everything he touched while here. If I’m not dead in two weeks, I’ll know it was okay.

We watched the 2017 movie “Unlocked” last night on cable. Very eerily on subject concerning epidemics. The movie is about terrorists planning to expose the country to a deadly viral epidemic. At one point in the movie they talked about how unprepared the government was to deal with this type of situation. So, when Donald Trump says “who could have known”, you can pretty much point to this and realize that everyone should have known as it was common knowledge and in the public discourse back in 2016 and 2017 when the movie was written and produced. This possibility hasn’t been a secret by any stretch of the imagination. Only someone who wasn’t paying attention wouldn’t have known. Good to know that our government isn’t paying attention to anything. You’re on your own folks.

The hunkering down continues, extra hunkering is in effect.

Still alive and well here in Denver.