To Infinity and Beyond

I’m happy to announce that I’ve accepted a position as a Staff Writer for Fstoppers online photography website.

With over 1.5 million page hits per year, Fstoppers is one of the largest photography related websites on the internet and I’ll be starting in July.

This should be a win-win for both my business and for Fstoppers.

When I begin publishing my Fstoppers articles, I’ll share those links here and on Facebook and Twitter.

My articles will primarily focus on Nature and Wildlife photography in Colorado, but I’m sure I’ll be writing about a wide variety of things beyond the borders of Colorado.

I’m excited about this development and I’m looking forward to broadening my horizons as well as providing interesting and educational photography articles for the world.


Originality in Photography

Autumn Scenery in the Beautiful San Juan Mountains of Colorado

In this article, I explore the concept of the “blue jelly bean” of landscape photography.

Understanding the importance of originality in your art.

Article now available in my Photo Articles





Nothing But Blue Sky

Autumn Scenery in the Beautiful San Juan Mountains of Colorado

Landscape photographers commonly complain about the prospect of having clear blue, cloudless skies to work with.

In this article, I talk about how to deal with the clear blue sky.

Now available in my Photo Articles

Web Sites Update

I’ve begun restructuring my web sites.

Image Colorado – The Blog (this blog) has been reconfigured on a new server as my official “Image Colorado” page now and it will no longer be a featured section of the original website. The original version has been retired. Image Colorado will be a photography blog with articles and short stories.

Now that I’ve officially retired from hosting photographic workshops and photo tours, my website “Colorado Photo Tours” is also going to be retired. Anything I do in the future will be advertised on one of my other sites.

I’ll also be updating my Gray Photography website to reflect my current ambitions with photography. I’ll probably be adding online print sales and links to my blog and stock photo offerings.

I’ll be doing more writing in the future. A passion I’ve always had and this is where my online presence is focused.

More information will follow as I progress.

Thanks for reading.