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Moose Photogaphy by Gary Gray
Angry Bull Moose.


Today’s photograph of an angry young bull moose was taken in late May of this year in Red Feather Lakes.

Here it is, late July, and I’ve been spending a lot of time in Northern Colorado since late Spring. About one trip a week seems to be the average. I spend eight months of the year dreaming of getting back to the Northern Rockies and the high country. When it does arrive, the time seems to go too fast. Time compresses as we grow older.

I’m heading back to Red Feathers later today. This time I’ll be entertaining friends from Kentucky. I always like spending time with old friends. We began planning this last year during one of my visits to Kentucky. Trips like this get more difficult as we grow older, but when the opportunities arise, one must embrace them. I envision a few beers on the deck, a tour of the mountains and lots of catching up with a good friend from my childhood. Who knows when something like this will happen again. We aren’t getting any younger.

I hope to share some of the experience on the blog, so stay tuned.