AI Feedback

Bull Moose in the Forest
Oh, what have we here?


I’ve been taking a break from photography and blogging these past few days getting my mental batteries recharged.

I’ve caught up on the car show dvr recordings. I’ve mowed and trimmed the lawn. I’ve watered the flowers. I’ve played “crazy doobie” more times than I can count. I have laundry running as I write this. There remains a long list of other tedious daily chores, none of which I’ll get to because I’m a lazy dog.

I turned the computer on Sunday long enough to do my FB photography group chores. It’s been sitting idle since. Today, I look for a photograph you haven’t seen.

A nice bull moose about to pounce on some wildflowers. I took this shot a few weeks back. One of hundreds I’ve only glanced at. I like this one. There’s an impending sense of action in this shot.

One thing about moose shots. In the Colorado forest, you get three colors. Blue (if there is sky), green (trees and grass) and brown (moose, dirt and tree trunks)  This limited natural color pallet drives Adobe stock’s “auto analyzer” crazy. It constantly flags moose photos as having some technical tonal/contrast problem. I click “ignore” and things move on along as planned.

I’ve never listened to AI feedback.