A Shower And Shave

Photograph of a moose in the Colorado Rocky
Cow Moose Looking for Wildflowers


I’m back from the high country and with me comes a nice batch of photographs.

Had a wonderful time visiting with friends from the homeland. Cold evenings sitting on the deck of the cabin, swigging on a bottle of port wine, snorting shots of Kentucky Bourbon, telling stories that haven’t been told in 43 years. It doesn’t get any better than that. But, moose photos are the next best thing.

I took the visitors out for a day of moose hunting and it was awesome. We found this cow browsing through the dead-fall looking for something tasty. Those wildflowers are like candy to a moose. This girl obliged us and allowed us to get in close while she chomped on the goodies.

Time for a little R&R, then back to the wilderness to add to the portfolio.

But first, a shower and shave.