A Moose Story

Moose Photography by Gary Gray
Northern Colorado

Since it is “Moose Monday” I thought I’d tell a brief moose photography tale.

In the above photo, I’m standing in 2 inches of water in the middle of this huge field of willows.

I spotted this moose in the field and decided to hike out into the willows to get a better angle on him as he leisurely munched on the plants. He was at least two hundred meters from me and I wanted that mountain in the background. I figured he would ignore me being that far away.

He became aware of me moving in to the field behind him almost immediately and though he didn’t show any concern, he simply pointed his butt at me and continued munching his way through the willows as he walked away from me.

I continued to follow him through the soaking wet scrub for another hundred meters or so and ultimately decided that what I have is what I’m going to get. He wasn’t going to allow me to get closer than one hundred meters and I was paying a price for my enthusiasm, as it was not all that warm and I was not all that dry by this point.

I stopped, watched, waited for about 5 more minutes. He never looked up, he never turned to the side, he just kept his position. I went back to the road and moved out ahead of him and I had to settle for this shot instead.
Moose Photography by Gary GrayThe experience was quite memorable, even though the photograph didn’t turn out to be the one I was seeking.

Some moose are better than others.

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