It’s A Way Of Life

A Large Shiras bull moose in Northern Colorado
A large Shiras bull moose in Northern Colorado

It’s that time of year.

The moose are moving to lower elevations in search for food. The cows are birthing their calves. The antlers are beginning to grow again.

This time each year I begin my moose photography season by opening up my cabin in Northern Colorado. We normally get a dozen or so moose in the area early in the season so hunting them down early is a top priority.

In the mountains above 9,000 feet, the lakes are still frozen and many will remain that way until early July. The bulls and the cows are not together right now, but will begin associating as the weather and forage improves.

At the end of September, the bulls will start shedding velvet and the rut is on.

I live each year in anticipation of getting out with my family, friends and clients. It’s a way of life.

The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River

Photograph of the Yellowstone River's lower falls.
The lower falls of the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park

The view from Artist’s Point in Yellowstone National Park.

What you are seeing are the lower falls of the Yellowstone River.

I’ve been nibbling away at updating my stock photography lately and have reached another milestone of over 1,900 stock photograph. My goal this year to to have at least 2,000 images up with my online agencies. Almost there.


You Can’t Really Leave Home

Thoroughbred Foal by Gary Gray
Thoroughbred Foal

I’m in my Kentucky frame of mind. This happens every year in April as we approach the first Saturday in May.

This shot was taken near Versailles, Kentucky some years ago. The mother of this horse was related to Man O’ War and War Admiral. Not bad lineage.

A shout out to all my old friends in Kentucky. My mother as frequently quoted Thomas Wolfe’s “You Can’t Go Home Again” which I take to mean that we’ll never be able to relive our childhood memories or something like that.

Personally, I think it’s the opposite. Your memories bind your soul to the past.

You can’t really leave home.

It’s Worth The Price

Yellow -headed Blackbird by Gary Gray
Yellow -headed Blackbird

Feathered Friday.

Still not much happening with my photography these days, so I’ll share some older stuff until the new stuff arrives.

There is a area near Walden, Colorado where these Yellow-headed blackbirds often gather. They are not easily spooked and make good photographic subjects. I think they are lovely and enjoy finding them.

Things are beginning to green up here in Colorado, at least below 6,000 feet. It will be another month before the high country sees what we have down here in Denver.

This is the time of year we do out house repairs and we just finished installing a very long stretch of privacy fence. Once I get through with the maintenance stuff, I’ll be heading up north to get the cabin opened for the season. The cabin can be hit and miss. About half the time we have a plumbing problem with the water pipes. Winter runs long and is harsh in the Laramie Mountains of Northern, Colorado. It’s worth the price.

This Time Last Year

Lewis and Clark Bridge on the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky
Lewis and Clark Bridge on the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky

Man, does time fly by?

It was about this time last year when I was visiting my mother and photographing Thoroughbred horses near Midway, Ky. Near the end of my trip, I arranged to meet my older brother in downtown Louisville.

It was a perfect weather day, the city was preparing for the Kentucky Derby as they do each year. Spring was in full swing. I decided to drive downtown along an old familiar route, River Road and photograph all the bridges across the Ohio River from Madison, Indiana to New Albany Indiana.

This particular bridge is the Lewis and Clark Bridge on the Ohio River in near the city of Prospect at a place called Transylvania Beach. This bridge is fairly new. Back in the day I spent many hours on the Ohio River. It was our recreational zone of choice for house boating and water skiing and other odd things.

Remnants of the old boat docks still protrude from the banks of the Ohio as this stretch of Kentucky shore-line was once filled with private boats and docks. Those days are mostly gone now. Floods, fuel costs, and other factors have conspired to change the culture. There was never a bridge here when I frequented the Harrods Creek/Ohio River channels, so seeing this sitting on top of my memory is sorta like having your old home torn down and in it’s place is a parking lot.

As for the other bridges, I managed to get everything done while I traveled along River Road to meet my brother for lunch. We finished up the last bridge together, tromping around in the thickets along the banks of the Ohio River in New Albany, Indiana. It was like we were 12 years old again.

Interestingly, this photo is pretty popular with my stock agencies. I made the right choice to go for them them.

First Times

Photograph of Ava riding a horse.
Ava rides a horse for the first time (photograph by Trudy Gray)

My granddaughter, Ava, was with my wife the other day when they drove past a field with horses. Ava got excited about the prospect of seeing the horses and was able to get a closer view of the critters from the fence. But that wasn’t enough.

Trudy subsequently contacted the owners of the horses to arrange for Ava’s first horse ride. Yesterday, they visited that ranch and Ava got her first taste of horse riding and my wife. Trudy documented it with her Sony RX100 II.

This is four year old Ava riding a horse for the first time in her life. Her excitement leading up to the horse riding lesson was uncontrollable. I’ve never seen a little girl so excited and this photo explains the joy of her first time perfectly.

I see a lot of horse riding in her future.